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First Black Belt Competition

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I haven’t competed in awhile and was wondering how my skills are in comparison to other outside the academy since I got my black belt.  Then on the Insta’s (that what kids call it right?), Five Grappling came up and were offering free registration for black belts.  I told one of the other black belts to go for it and he then convinced me to do it too.  Figured why not, the worst case is I lose and didn’t pay a thing. So here was the play by play. First match I was faking takedowns then eventually went for another…

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Training For Tournament: Pacing

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A few guys from our academy recently competed at a tournament.  One of them came back mentioning how fast everything moves and when he’s in the academy he doesn’t train at that high pace so he wasn’t ready.  Then he mentioned something key, “You compete like you train”. That phrase is extremely true. At this point, the solution seems to be raising the intensity level of the competitor.  That’s only one option.  Remember, the pace of a tournament takes 2. Option 1, the person competing trains harder and faster.  This is good and will help the person develop more explosive…

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