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Slower BJJ Practice Leads to Better Gains

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When I roll and get swept or submitted, I can usually identify where the tipping point was.  It could be I lifted my hips to high or overcommitted an arm, but I can think back and learn why.

It wasn’t always like this.  As a white and blue belt, I would just move and try to submit, but if I got caught I never thought about why and just wanted to roll again.  Nothing learned!

As I got more experienced, I decided to slow down my game and try to pay attention of the moment.  Noticing my body posture, the grips, where knees and feet are, etc.  When I was able to stop (or slow down) I was able to process new opportunities and learn when my partner would sweep or submit me.

Next time you’re on the mat and have been feeling some plateaus, go ahead and slow it down.  See what your partner is doing.  Examine why they are moving like that.  Is it because of how you are positioned?  Are they forcing things?  Be in the moment and see what openings you have.

Good luck and train smart!

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