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Danaher's Kimura System

Review: Danaher’s Kimura System

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I haven’t purchased an instructional in a long time.  YouTube has all the videos I needed!

However, the recent buzz of the Ryan brothers and a few other popular Jiu Jitsu athletes had me curious about Danaher’s instruction.  So when Black Friday showed up and Instagram showed me an add for discount videos, I said why not.

Now to the important question.  Is the hype of Danaher real?  Sort of.

The techniques he shows are not new, but his explanation of why certain movements and holds are done is extremely well done.  Due to the amount of detail he goes into, you can take the entire video series and probably break every two techniques into a session for you to practice or drill.  At that rate, you’ll probably be done with the series in a few months.

Another thing Danaher does well is be realistic.  Yes there’s some fancy moves in there, however they make sense.  At the same time, he calls out when / why techniques fail and you should probably bail.

Now it’s time for me to go Kimura crazy for the next few months and see how well the instructionals go.

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