Quintet Is A Good Idea But Can Be Better

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I am late to the game and finally watched Sakuraba’s and Josh Barnett’s Quintet.  The Polaris team really cleaned house and it was interesting to watch the other teams compete.  However, I think that was the problem for me.

The teams should all be all-stars or all mid-level competitors to make the event more interesting.  Instead of a Sambo team, what if you had a Fedor team.  That team may not all be comprised of Sambo guys, but it would be the best selections from Fedor.  Or have the teams constructed like Polaris and Haleo.  Get a mix of grapplers instead of a specific style.  Could you imagine if there was a Team ADCC and it had Marcelo Garcia, Cobrihna, Roger Gracie, Jacare, and Xande Ribeiro?!

I still enjoyed the event, but it was predictable to who was going to win.

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