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Quintet Is A Good Idea But Can Be Better

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I am late to the game and finally watched Sakuraba’s and Josh Barnett’s Quintet.  The Polaris team really cleaned house and it was interesting to watch the other teams compete.  However, I think that was the problem for me. The teams should all be all-stars or all mid-level competitors to make the event more interesting.  Instead of a Sambo team, what if you had a Fedor team.  That team may not all be comprised of Sambo guys, but it would be the best selections from Fedor.  Or have the teams constructed like Polaris and Haleo.  Get a mix of grapplers…

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Sometimes you need a break

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Sometimes reason and logic needs to triumph over pride.  The past couple weeks, my elbow has progressively been getting worse and tried training with it a little bit.  Unfortunately, even a little bit of training has been aggravating it.  All to say, I’m not a full time competitor and have a full time job so taking a break and letting it heal is the most logical thing to do.  Also the right thing. So, if you’re injured, listen to your body.  Definitely see a doctor too!  Don’t be like me and go to the doctor only if I hear a…

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First Black Belt Competition

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I haven’t competed in awhile and was wondering how my skills are in comparison to other outside the academy since I got my black belt.  Then on the Insta’s (that what kids call it right?), Five Grappling came up and were offering free registration for black belts.  I told one of the other black belts to go for it and he then convinced me to do it too.  Figured why not, the worst case is I lose and didn’t pay a thing. So here was the play by play. First match I was faking takedowns then eventually went for another…

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BJJ is Everywhere and For Everyone

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I think now is a great time to be a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner.  It’s not as scarce to find as it used to be pre-2005.  Even if you don’t live near a school, you can find a ton of resources online.  The number of resources available is not hard to find. Adding some context, back in the days I remember when our academy had one brown belt, 2 purple belts, a few blues and whites.  The only black belt was the instructor.  When another purple belt would show up, we’d get excited.  Probably the same excitement as seeing a…

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