Herniated Disc and BJJ

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Injuries comes with the territory of BJJ.  We all know it.  Unfortunately, when it happens are we prepared to deal with no training for weeks or months?

Unfortunately for me, I have a herniated disc.  Now I watch a lot of jiu jitsu.  Hopefully this phase won’t last too long.  Luckily the majority of doctors I saw said I don’t need surgery.  I did get the epidural injection, but seems like rest is the answer.

During this time of resting, I’ve become that gym troll that sits off the side and critique other peoples’ game.  I am not the guy that is verbally calling things out during the roll!  I keep the comments to myself and share if I feel like it.

I realized for myself, still showing up to the academy is good for me.  So I hope for anyone else that has an injury where you can’t be on the mats, don’t stop going.

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