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First Black Belt Competition

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I haven’t competed in awhile and was wondering how my skills are in comparison to other outside the academy since I got my black belt.  Then on the Insta’s (that what kids call it right?), Five Grappling came up and were offering free registration for black belts.  I told one of the other black belts to go for it and he then convinced me to do it too.  Figured why not, the worst case is I lose and didn’t pay a thing.

So here was the play by play.

First match I was faking takedowns then eventually went for another one but shot in too far and my opponent sprawled.   I didn’t want to be in the turtle position so I pulled back and went to guard.  When that happened, I thought my opponent got the 2 points.  He didn’t but he didn’t know he didn’t get the points.  The rest of the match, he held my hips down and kept me tight so he can let time run out and get the points.  The last 15 seconds, I figured why not freak out and go for anything to get a point but that wasn’t enough time.  It went to judge’s decision and fortunately, Cleber Luciano (the referee) decided in my favor.

Second match, my opponent pulled guard.  I made sure to not let the other person settle and get to my grips before he does.  As I went to a guard pass, he was defending with a free leg, so I figured why not go for an ankle lock.  FYI, straight ankle locks are not my thing.  Luckily my coach was providing good info from the sidelines and encouraged me to keep the ankle lock.  I was eventually able to go belly down and that’s where my coach was yelling to crank!  All my effort was in it.  I was thinking if the guy does not tap soon, I’m screwed!  And just like that, he tapped.

Third match, I was exhausted but didn’t show it.  The opponent was a teammate from the previous match and played a similar game.  And as such I went for an ankle lock again.  However, my body was exhausted from the previous match.  As my coach is yelling to crank, I couldn’t crank any more and eventually let it go.  My opponent went to side control then mount.  I turtled to escape and that’s where he was able to slip in the choke.

I was so tired but happy I got 2nd place!  Didn’t expect it but really happy.  The best part was what I learned.

  1.  Do not forget to breath
  2. Always be able to hear your coach
  3. Have fun!

Those were the main take aways.  However, I also took away the importance of isometric conditioning.  I’ll write about that in another post, but this is definitely an aspect of a tournament that is important to have.  A single match may not look dynamic, but there are positions and holds that are being kept at 95% strength for a long duration.  That duration is dependent on the training.

I really appreciate all the help I had for this and look forward to improving my game for the next tournament!

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