Cardio is King

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Another short article.

With recent folks from the academy heading to this weekend’s tournament, popular discussion has been learning lessons from previous tournaments.  The common issue was cardio.  Guys were gassing out in the first few minutes of the match from the adrenaline.

No matter how much technique you have, if you get tired, you wont be able to execute any technique.

There are multiple workouts you can YouTube or Google to improve your cardio.  My recommendation are hill sprints.  Those really work the nervous system and improve your cardio and strength.

For tournament beginners, here’s a simple but really important reminder…BREATH!  With the adrenaline pumping, it’s easy to forget to breath.  Now you’re only 30 seconds into the tournament and out of breath.

That’s it.  If you want to be tournament ready, you need your cardio to be ready.

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