Is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Real Fighting?

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You have probably heard that training BJJ is not real fighting and wont work on the street.  As much as I would not want to believe that statement, there is SOME validity to it.

If you had someone trying to mug you on the street, would you pull guard and do the berimbolo?  Nope!

There are a lot of positions in BJJ that would not make sense in the street.  However that does not mean BJJ is not useful.  Keep in mind BJJ was meant to be self defense.  Rickson and Ryron Gracie are probably the most notable Jiu Jitsu practitioners that emphasize the effectiveness of the art on the streets.

Jiu Jitsu from a self defense aspect begins at reacting to the situation.  The reaction can start when an offender attacks or has put you on the ground.  BJJ is not the instigator.  From there, BJJ takes over the situation with an escape (via strikes, hip motion, etc).  If the escape opens up to a sweep or reversal, awesome!  If that sweep/reversal puts you in a dominant, controlling position you can move to neutralizing the offender with an armbar, choke, etc.

With that said, take time to look into the self defense aspects of Jiu Jitsu.  The escapes, reversals, and submissions.  For me that is the exact order of the Jiu Jitsu from a self defense perspective.

Get out there and start practicing your flying triangles!  JUST KIDDING!  Don’t do that!

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