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September 2017

What to do in a private lesson

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I’ve gone to a hand full of private lessons and a few seminars.  There’s a common pattern all the instructors follow to help.  All instructors want to know what you are trying to work through or struggling with. With that said, before going to the private lesson take a moment to think about what you been stuck with.  If your guard is getting passed, ask about that.  Once you have your first topic, think of a second, third, etc.  Prioritize them because you may be able to cover them all.  If not, at least you got the ones you really…

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Private Lesson with Caio Terra

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If you don’t know who Caio Terra is, you’re new to jiu jitsu.  That guy is a multi Worlds champion and has out classed many many other champions in other weight classes.  And Caio’s talent really showed during the lesson. He educated me on how to position my body better and showed me how world class talent moves during our roll.  He’s also a really friendly guy. His private lesson is a “matter of fact” lesson.  Caio will tell you what you’re doing wrong and why.  He will also have a simple fix for it.  I won’t go into all…

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